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Italian techno DJ and producer Anfisa Letyago announces new single and innovative live show


Following the release of her latest single, "Origami,” Anfisa Letyago has announced a collaboration with AI artist Marigoldff to create a groundbreaking, visually immersive live show. Anfisa says:


"For some time now I’ve been working on something very dear to me that I have been wanting to share with you all and today is the day! Let me introduce you to my special project 'Partenope'. I’ll reveal more and more in the next weeks, so get ready to dive deeper and deeper in this new world."



Anfisa Letyago, known for her distinctive industrial and acid-infused techno, is exploring new territories with both her music and an innovative live performance.


Her newest track, “Origami,” weaves soundscapes as delicately as folding paper, transporting listeners to a realm where melodic techno dances with playful elegance. Reflecting the intricate nature of the art form, the track showcases a shape-shifting electronic-pop sound with playful, pitched-up vocals, warm kick drums, and shimmering synth textures. Letyago describes it as a journey of energy and transformation, akin to the precise and refined folds of origami.


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To complement this release, Letyago has teamed up with renowned AI artist Guisy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff, to develop the innovative audiovisual live show “Partenope.”


Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek myth of a mermaid discovered off the coast of Naples, the show combines an underwater theme with Letyago's passion for the sea and Amoroso’s surrealist visual art. Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technology, Letyago will be transformed into a mermaid, bringing the myth to life in a captivating display. This unique performance is set to debut at August's Red Valley Festival in Sardinia.


Watch “Origami” below and get your copy here.