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Gender Inequality on Ibiza's Decks: Kerol Garcia Leads the Revolution at La Troya

Gender Inequality in Ibiza's Music Scene


Gender inequality remains a significant issue in Ibiza's music scene in 2024. According to Clubbing TV, only 21% of DJs on the island are women or non-binary individuals, highlighting a persistent disparity. English journalist Beth recently discussed this issue, noting the male dominance upon arrival at Ibiza airport. Despite this inequality, female DJs like Anfisa Letyago, Tsha, and Chloé Caillet are gaining prominence, promising a vibrant season.


“My mission is to open doors for all artists, regardless of gender. Music is universal and should be an inclusive space for everyone." – Kerol Garcia.


Kerol Garcia: An Icon of Equality on the Decks



One of the most inspiring figures in this fight for equality is Brazilian DJ Kerol Garcia. Returning for her third year at the iconic La Troya Ibiza by Brasilio de Oliveira, Kerol has been an unwavering advocate for inclusion on the decks. Her constant presence and infectious energy have made her sets unmissable, cementing her position as one of the most promising and influential DJs of the Ibiza season.


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Kerol Garcia has always promoted equality on the decks, ensuring her platform is an inclusive space for all artists. Her dedication to diversity and representation is a shining example of how the music scene can evolve to be more equitable and welcoming.


La Troya / Brazilian Party at Club Chinois


La Troya is an institution in Ibiza, born from the transgressive and inclusive vision of Brazilian Brasilio de Oliveira. For over four decades, this joyous and polysexual celebration has been a cornerstone of the island's nightlife culture, gracing iconic clubs such as Ku, Space, Amnesia, Heart, and Octan. With a spirit of freedom and fun, La Troya has become one of the most famous LGTBIQ-friendly parties, welcoming all audiences and sexual orientations.


After Brasilio's passing, his nephew Eduardo de Oliveira took over the artistic direction, keeping the essence of the party alive with spectacular decorations and weekly themes that reflect vibrant Brazilian culture. Themes range from Brazilian Carnival to fantasy nights, each transforming the club into a visual spectacle. Celebrity appearances and renowned DJs often add extra glamour and excitement, making every night at La Troya an unforgettable experience. Under Eduardo's leadership, La Troya continues to be a safe space for celebrating life without judgment, maintaining its legacy as a bastion of freedom and joy in Ibiza's nightlife.


Kerol Garcia will showcase her talent at the Brazilian Party on August 5, 2024, at the renowned Club Chinois, for La Troya “La Madre de todas las Fiestas.” This special night promises a vibrant celebration of Brazilian rhythms and positive energy. It's an unmissable opportunity to experience culture and electronic music mixed with Brazilian rhythm in the heart of Ibiza.



La Troya Ibiza by Brasilio de Oliveira is always committed to promoting equality and diversity in the music scene. Join us for an unforgettable season and celebrate music with soul and inclusion.


References and Impact on the Industry


According to Mixmag, the growing presence of female DJs in Ibiza reflects a gradual change in attitudes and awareness about gender inequality. Articles and reports highlighting the importance of diversity, such as those from DJane Mag, have been crucial in bringing attention to the issue and inspiring both the public and event organizers to promote a more inclusive environment.


The Future of Equality in Electronic Music


Kerol Garcia's journey is proof that change is possible and necessary. With more female and non-binary DJs gaining visibility and space, the hope is that Ibiza's music scene will continue to evolve into a more equal and representative environment. Events like La Troya and festivals committed to diversity are important steps towards a future where all artists can shine equally on the decks.




Check out the full schedule and purchase your tickets for La Troya through the following link.