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Yoshiko has shared her fresh hardcore mix

Hardcore music lovers, DJANEMAG is here again with another latest dope tunes for your pleasure!

Yoshiko has just made a mix with some of her MEGA FAVSSSS tracks at the moment. 

Yoshiko aka Giada Morone was born in Italy to Brazilian, Japanese and Italian parents. She began to listen to hardstyle music at the age of 14 and then quickly moved onto hardcore.

In February 2018 she makes her tribute in the hardcore Dutch scene and performs in the mainstage of "hardcore4life". In April she took part in the live “hardcoreradio” show and in May 2018 she took part at "harmony of hardcore"!

In the summer comes her first single “Pop it” which makes her take part in some of the most important summer festivals like Hardcore 4life, Defqon 1, E-mission and The Qontinet.

Enjoy the mix with us, available today on!