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What Makes the Set Of Vhaera “The Call” An Incredible Techno Journey

We already know how much the sound of Vhaera is so innovative and full of experimentation that it can reach our mind and soul easily and can take us on a journey beyond our perceptions, but with the set "The Call" the innovation and the search for new sounds, of which we appreciate a lot, has reached very high levels of energy and has exceeded our expectations.


“The Call” set was published on Muthas Angels Mother FM on collaboration with DJANEMAG and was inspired by her latest release “The Call” track which she opens her set with.


This new set sounds so fresh, innovative and very dynamic, the instrumental is rich with shades and “shadows” and has excellent dark and deep sounds which it makes the set sound almost mystical, the crescendo structure makes everything very interesting and curious, starting from a base with a crisp and intense combination of an almost tribal beat together with a deep dark and dystopian synthesizer, to then open up and lead us to a warm catchy beat with synthesizers that open up and express all their melody, making excellent the industrial sounds of this set, The mood contrasts are very well managed, without making everything sound cliché, but on the contrary it is a colourful work and thought to be a jewel in the techno category, this exciting musical composition brings out a feeling of peace but at the same time of an adventure that goes beyond our imagination, she loves to work between the thin line of the Progressive and Industrial tones, surely will give many sensations and emotions to all fans of the genre and beyond, the strong point of Vhaera in finding and experimenting exciting sounds is sure to glue the listeners every minute in this set and to all of the others project of Vhaera, to discover every sound and every aspect of her pieces of music.


We can say that Vhaera, only 26 years old, is really renovating musician in the techno scene, and you can also feel it, from her style, her music and her heart, the professionalism is never lacking in her pieces, and you can feel it in everything she does, the passion that transmits through her music will take her really high and make her a special resource in the Techno world, currently she had come back from a tour in Ibiza and one from Sao Paulo, Brazil.   


Vhaera probably has all the cards on the table to become a big thing and we are really happy about it.

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