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The UK club life situation

We all know what a sad situation is now with clubs around the world and therefore we want to draw more attention to this problem, prepare more materials about clubs and their founders, interviews and give more news about what is happening in club life.

Today we want to focus on the UK club life.

There were over 1,400 clubs in the UK before COVID pandemic, some have already closed permanently, including the Canavan Club in London and the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, The Manchester Institute for Gorillas and the Deaf also announced a closure.

Clubs such as Printworks, Egg London, Studio 338, Oval Spaces and The Pickle Factory have not received grants from the Cultural Recovery Fund and set up crowdfunding funds to escape final closure.

Stay tuned, in the future there will be even more news from the clubs, write about which clubs you would like to know more.