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Twitter is giving back chronological tweets

About a year or so ago Twitter did one of the weirdest things to its platform in recent years.

For months prior it had given users the option to flip between reverse chronological feeds (letting you see everything as its tweeted) and a more tailored, algorithm-driven one that highlighted tweets you might be interested in from people you don’t even follow.

Overnight, they removed the former entirely, and ever since Twitter has been a pain to use natively.

Tweets would show up from hours and days beforehand while recent ones would hardly surface, and feeds would be a mess of accounts you didn’t want to see.

The madness is coming to an end though, as Twitter is giving users back their control. 

Twitter states that it’s working on a more accessible, less obtuse way to ensure you’re either seeing tweets its algorithm picks for you, or just seeing what’s the latest 280 character thought from your following list first.