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TOP50CLUBS by DJANEMAG is revealed! 

We are very excited to announce that TOP50CLUBS by DJANEMAG is revealed! 

Our excitement can be explained by the fact that we are doing this rating for the first time this year and all that is done for the first time causes special emotions. 

We did our best, but nevertheless, do not judge strictly, we will try to provide with even more objective ranking in future. 

How did the club get the position? Below you can see the most important factors for us:

1. Voting on the website in a section "Clubs". 

2. The opinion of regional DJANEMAG representativs in every country.

3. The important factor for this very ranking was the constant presence of female DJs in the lineups of every club.

The first place went to Ushuaia Ibiza, second and third took Avalon Hollywood and Fabrik Madrid.

Check out the full list below:

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