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The TOP200DJANES 2020 will be revealed ON THE 17TH OF NOVEMBER

The TOP200DJANES 2020 will be revealed tomorrow (17th of November) at 1 pm (London time) via our official social media:
Instagram (@djanemag)
Facebook (djanemagofficial) 
Twitter (djanemag) 

Every year before announcing the TOP100DJANES, we upload an additional hundred positions.

Why are we doing this?

A huge number of DJs took an active part in the voting or even without asking for support receives a large number of votes from their followers and fans.

Despite the fact that this number is not enough to enter the TOP100DJANES, we still want to announce this list in gratitude for their and their fans' activity, all those people who vote and help us make the most objective rating.

Moreover, as practice has shown in recent years, most DJs from the TOP200DJANES, next year move to the TOP100DJANES and very often immediately occupy high positions.

This list is an indicator that your fans appreciate you and actively vote for you. 

Stay tuned! The TOP100DJANES 2020 OUT ON 20TH NOVEMBER!