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The TOP100DJANES2019 was revealed on the 16th of November!

Results of the voting are available at all official networking pages (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) and can be found on!

Thank you for your votes and constant support, we did our best to show the most objective world ranking among female DJs.

We took into consideration:

  • the number of votes, every DJ received during the year;
  • the additional points, which every DJ gained after a research of her releases throughout the year, a number of gigs, social pages and other important factors. 
  • points are added by the jury, which consists of experts from the world of electronic music, festival and club promoters, bosses of regional DJANEMAG representatives from different countries of the world.

This year's voting lasted from March till November.

Every year before announcing the top100, we upload an additional hundred positions.

Why are we doing this?

A huge number of DJs takes an active part in the voting or even without asking for support receives a large number of votes.

Despite the fact, that this number is not enough to enter the top100, we still want to announce this list in gratitude for their and their fans activity, all those people who vote and help us make the most objective rating.

Moreover, as practice has shown in recent years, most of DJs from the top200djanes, next year move to the top100 and very often immediately occupy high positions. This list is an indicator, that your fans appreciate you and actively vote for you.

We need to warn you once again!

Please be careful, as several sites appeared, that are completely trying to copy our work using the same methods, colors, design, texts and slogans and even similar or the same name!

They try to imitate our activity in order to make a ranking and promote their own DJs, although, in fact, they have nothing to do with the brand DJANEMAG!

We want to draw your attention to this in order you do not confuse. As after our ranking results they can release their and confuse the public even more.

OUR PAGES ARE ONLY : @djanemag and @top100djanes!

We want to emphasize!

Dear DJs,  we DO NOT recommend anybody to be engaged in votes falsification, it is nothing but a waste of time and your money, because votes are always handled in a manual way; spam is easy detectable and it is never being counted.

Fake votes never help to win in the poll, only real support of site users and fans matter! 

To cut a long story short, we would like to add, that we are extremely grateful to every DJs who took part in TOP100DJANES 2019 and hope you will stand in the voting next year and help us to determine who deserves to be among the best!

Voting for the TOP100DJANES 2020 will start on the 1st of March and will finish on the 1st of November  2020. 

Sincerely yours, DJANEMAG. 

Below you will find the list of TOP100DJANES 2019: