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Top mixes & tracks January is out!

Here is the collection of the best mixes and tracks of JANUARY!

We do not limit this list with a certain genre of music.

We understand, that usually a person prefers particular genre, but our aim here is to broaden outlook and make musical horizons wider throught listening absolutely different mixes and tracks from EDM and House to Techno and Hardcore.

In our monthly playlists we want to gather only best mixes and tracks for you listening pleasure.

We will be glad to get your recommendations, send them: (editor)

This month we add to our collection mixes & tracks by Ruby Phoenix, Melanie Ribbe ,Anja Schneider,Ave, Meli Rodriguez,Feii Vega ,Cynthia Lacle,Nora En Pure, GODLANDS, Helena Hauff, LARA KLART, Deborah De Luca, Ida Engberg , Ashibah, Klaudia Gawlas, Korsakoff and Kate Rose.