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Tomorrowland finally reveals its theme

After days and days of silence, suspense and black posts, the Belgian super festival reveals its 2020 theme! 

Despite many rumors around this topic and all sorts of speculation, the topic of Tomorrowland 2020 is officiallyThe Reflection of Love.

Tomorrowland has announced the new topic with a video teaser, where you can see a solar eclipse seen by a telescope; the camera zoom out letting you enjoy the majestic of the place. Then, with a fantastic transition, the camera zooms into the plate revealing the name of the 2020 Tomorrowland theme.

"An unexpected darkness fell over the People of Tomorrow. Today, the moment has come to introduce light into our world: The Reflection of Love", Tomorrowland shared this fantastic news with thies followers in socials. 

By the way, Pre-Registrations for Tomorrowland 2020 are NOW OPEN! 

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