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In a talk with India's #1 DJ Rink

As DJs around the world gear up for the TOP100DJANES 2020 voting results, we spoke to India's #1 DJ Rink to understand what's happening with her and how she's preparing to grab the spot again both in India's voting and world one! No one can deny the fact that fans in India are some of the most dedicated and passionate.   

We have received many requests from Rink followers for a new interview with their favorite DJ. And we did it, we managed to ask a few questions to Rink, find out what happened in her life. She answered a number of important questions regarding the most important topics for us such as sexism in the music industry and recommended cool DJs from India to look out for. She just recently celebrated her 15th anniversary as a DJ! Let's congratulate the DJ and read our exclusive interview below.

DJANEMAG: Hi, thank you for the interview! How are you doing now? What projects are you engaged in?

DJ RINK: I'm doing great in lockdown, alot of collaborations happening & lots of music in making and of course busy in back to back releases. 

DJANEMAG: How long have you been in music?

DJ RINK: it's been 15 years. 

DJANEMAG: Wow! 15 years! This is really impressive!  

You are a DJ, radio host, producer, label owner... What is your favorite? What is the most enjoyable occupation?

DJ RINK: My passion has always been related to music and these things are interconnected but when we talk about favorites then standing on the console and looking at peoples happy faces makes me happy while producing also when people like my music it's a different satisfaction! 

DJANEMAG: Have you ever faced sexism in your career?

DJ RINK: DJ industry in India has been dominated by male DJs but Of Course when you hustle you tend to pave your path out.

DJANEMAG: How much better has the industry got for female DJs?

DJ RINK: In India it wasn't easy to make our path but I was one of the first female DJ's who could play Bollywood and I made a path for budding female DJ's to grow efficiently and easily.

DJANEMAG: 2020 is a hard year for the music industry. How did you survive the lockdown? Was it really strict in India? Did you think about changing your occupation? Maybe movies or TV?

DJ RINK: So I felt pandemic is an opportunity to finally get a break from 15 years of non stop travelling and playing music all around the globe. I got the time I was wanting from so long to upgrade and learn musical theory, compose new music and it was also fun while spending more time with music and of course quality time with my parents. So I wouldn't want to change what I have become throughout these years as a DJ but given an opportunity I would definitely  want to give music to movies.

DJANEMAG: Name your top5 best female DJs 2020. Share the most prominent or promising female DJs in India people need to pay attention to.

DJ RINK: Dj Smita, Dj Karma, Dj Akanksha popli, Dj Syrah, Teri Miko are the most promising DJ's in the scene currently according to me.

DJANEMAG: What kind of music do you love to listen to in everyday life? What are your favorite artists/groups/singers?

DJ RINK: Singer - Bhoomi Trivedi, Arijit Singh, B praak are few from the many singers I love to listen also that my personal music taste is very mellow.

DJANEMAG:  How would you describe the aesthetic of your mixes? How many hours do you usually spend selecting music for a set?

DJ RINK: So people usually like my style of bollywood music, Indian people are emotional when it comes to music and they are moody too. I take 2 hrs to prepare the music for my sets.

DJANEMAG: What do you prefer more, producing or DJing?

DJ RINK: Djing.

DJANEMAG:  Any final words, wishes or announcements? 

DJ RINK: I wish Corona free World, and I wish that all the DJs to get back soon on their decks. So in announcement, a lot of original music is coming from my side so stay tuned.


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