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SOPHIE FRANCIS SIGNED WITH SPINNIN' RECORDS and realesed her first single on the label 'Without You'

Dutch DJ/producer Sophie Francis has signed with Spinnin' Records. The 18 years-young rising star with a significant music level for her age and experience, has entered the dance scene with a powerful force resulting in extraordinary achievements in a very short period of time.

And now, she's reached another milestone as she signed a deal with Spinnin' Records. Her first single on the label, the exciting tune 'Without You' is OUT NOW! 

She shared her emotions in her facebook: "Finally the moment is here!!! Today I am the happiest girl on earth!!!  'Without You' is out now on Spinnin' Records. I want to credit the amazing work on the lyrics of the Dutch songwriting duo The Companions, and my good friend James Ericsson joining me on the production.  Also credits to German de la Hoz, David Arnal and Virginia Pineda who shot such an amazing and original videoclip. Its so cool!!! Love u!