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Reloop announced improvements to Touch Virtual DJ Controller


Reloop announced new updates for Reloop TOUCH, the only professional performance controller for VirtualDJ with a unique 7" full-colour touchscreen. 

Reloop also has produced new tutorials, the #DidYouKnowvideos, demonstrating TOUCH's hidden features.

Features shown in the video: 

0:00 Second Layer Mode 
0:43 Waveform Type 
1:13 Browser Sorting 
1:43 Extended View 
2:11 Adjust Parameter 
3:00 How To Use MP4 
3:32 Video Mixing 

NEW: Updated TOUCH screen driver 
- Improved stability and performance and touch screen response

NEW: Easy license management and activation on a secondary computer 
- It is now possible to have the TOUCH driver license activated on two computers at the same time e.g on a Laptop or a Backup Computer 
- An easier License management has been established to transfer or unregister your software license e.g. to a new computer 

- One Click Installation of all necessary Drivers & Software 
- Guided Process with simple Installation routine