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Read Now! Exclusive Interview with London DJ and radio host Carly Wilford

At DJane we are interested not only in her music, ability to play and the number of performances per year, we are primarily interested in her personality. Carly Wilford is a bright and notable one. So let's find out more about her in our exclusive interview! 

DJANEMAG: Preparing a collage to support you in TOP100DJanes Poll, we noticed that on almost all photos you have a different hair color, what inspires you to such frequent changes of image? Fashion? Season of the year? Mood? And what is your favorite color ?!)

Carly Wilford: I had red hair for a long time and I loved it and then one day I woke up and decided to go for a drastic change. Blue is one of my favourite colours actually so I went to my hairdresser and asked to switch, we did it in a day. The colours that I use means that every time I wash my hair or go in to the sun then my hair colour changes. I feel like it ends up reflecting where I am in myself that day, my moods, when I’m feeling inspired. I love how it is always different in pictures depending on the light.

DJANEMAG: You are a young business woman who is involved in various projects. Tell our readers about them. What are you doing at the moment and what is the priority for you?

Carly Wilford: SISTER has my heart. It’s a radio show and a collective that I decided to bring together after I realised there was a gap between the UK and US dance scenes. EDM and the UK sound seemed too far away from one another. I knew that if we could find a sweet spot in-between them then it would make both sounds more translatable. We play 130-140 bpm bass music, Hip-Hop & Grime as well as anything experimental and that is breaking new ground. In doing this we discovered that the genres lacked female DJ’s and producers so decided to play our part on bringing more through. The collective is made up of guys and girls as I think it’s important that we all work alongside one another just in a more balanced way. I also have a new artist consultancy and management company called IAmMusic and manage an unsigned artist called Josh Barry who has a very exciting future ahead of him.

DJANEMAG: How do you manage to cope with everything and do you have enough time for your personal life, family and rest?

Carly Wilford: This can be really hard and at the beginning, if I am totally honest, I didn’t. I now really understand and value the importance of my family and the amazing people around me and try to say no to things when I have already made commitments with them. I spin a lot of plates at the same time but I have also created a unique ecosystem with the projects that I work on in that they all connect with one another and in that connection make each project more successful. I meditate, read, eat healthily, spend time in the country and sleep as much as possible too.

DJANEMAG: Let's now talk about the radio! In your biography there is a phrase "UK radio is way different from American radio" so what is the difference?

Carly Wilford: I spent quite a lot of time in the US and felt that the mainstream radio format was really restricted. Commercial radio had the same songs on repeat without much space for new or underground music. Things have and are changing with the likes of Beats 1 and NTS launching in LA and apps like TuneIn Radio but I still don’t feel that radio in the US represents what people across the country are listening to. I feel like it is more of a powerful business tool for the music world, not only is it expensive to get your music played but there should be more space to help new artists through.

DJANEMAG: What influenced you to become a radio presenter?

Carly Wilford: Growing up I always listened to radio. I love the imagination aspect that it brings and also knowing that people from different walks of life are listening in to the same show all over the world. I love music and love being able to reach an audience and connect with people who you may never meet. Radio is incredible. If you think how and why it was used in the very early days it has been really key in delivering really important messages to a wide audience.

DJANEMAG: How are you unique from other radio presenters?

Carly Wilford: I take risks on air and have always tried to push forward sounds and artists that I really believe in. I think it can be very easy to become part of a commercial system instead of going with what your heart really feels. Even if it means that I have had to take a long route, I have always stood by what I believe in. I want to be known as a broadcaster rather than just a presenter.

DJANEMAG: Is there anyone in particular who you aspire to interview?

Carly Wilford: I would love to sit down with Kanye West. He fascinates me. I love the way that his mind works and how there is no one else in the world like him. A true pioneer of our time.

DJANEMAG: What is your favourite genre of music to play and how does it reflect you?

Carly Wilford: This really depends on my mood and the type of gig that I am playing. I love bass music and really miss how raving use to be. Not only is it really tribal, it’s one of my favourite genre’s to play out especially with an MC. I feel it reflects my drive within the scene and how sometimes you have to find the power within music to help you to keep moving forward.

DJANEMAG: Are there any emerging artists that you’re particularly fond of right now?

Carly Wilford: It is such an exciting time for new artists and there are so many. Solardo are in for a big year, Eli Brown is amazing and Dismantle is making an amazing comeback right now. Although she’s not within the electronic scene, I have been backing Jorja Smith since the start too. She’s incredible. I manage an artists called Josh Barry, you should check him out too.

DJANEMAG: What should we expect from Carly Wilford in 2017?

Carly Wilford: We are about to announce an amazing tour with SISTER and also hope to head over the the US really soon. I am hoping to travel loads more for the rest of this year playing in different countries and and also continue to grow SISTER as a radio show and a collective to help to bring through even more underground artists worldwide.

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