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Read Now! Exclusive Interview with DJ and Producer Angelina Lavo

This week turned very productive. DJANEMAG had a several talks with DJanes around the world. Yesterday you had a chance to read our interview with DJane and singer from France Kaly Benks.

Today is a new day and a new chance to know more about a DJ from New York City Angelina Lavo. Angelina shares the story of her life in a big City, her personal life and career, favourite music and last music releases.

Read Exclusive Interview with Angelina Lavo and feel the New York City energy right now on DJANEMAG! 

DJANEMAG: Let's start with where are you from? Tell us something about your country, your native city, how did your childhood go? You know, live in NY is a kind of a dream for millions of people!

Angelina Lavo: I’m a citizen of two countries, USA and Russia; right now I live mostly in New York, and pretty soon I’m gonna move to Los Angeles. So basically I’m gonna live between New York and LA. It doesn’t make my life difficult, because I travel a lot and I like traveling, it’s my life style. I know a lot of people want to live or at least visit New York, and I think everyone should visit this city at least once in life, feel the vibe and the energy. You won’t get this energy in any other city in the world! But I want to live in LA as well, because I think it could be better for my music career, and also I’m always enjoying LA weather.

DJANEMAG: DJ life is not very easy, especially for female DJ. How are you doing in your personal life?) Do you have enough time for everything, family, work, rest?

Angelina Lavo: With time I’ve learned to manage my personal life, work and rest. It’s not that difficult when your friends and family supports you and whatever you do. If you get that support, you can do anything. I think family support is the most important thing, that makes you stronger. I got lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive people. DJ life style is an interesting and at the same time tough life style. Not everyone can handle it, and that’s why it is very important to have that support from your close people.

DJANEMAG: We understand that you are touring a lot and giving time to your career, but we are very interested in how you like to relax in your free time, what do you do? (Hobbies, sports) where do you like to go? Do you have any pets?

Haha, in fact, we are interested in everything))

Angelina Lavo: Just recently I thought, why don’t I have any hobbies? And got the answer to myself, because you don’t have enough time for this, silly girl. But then I imagined myself painting. So I decided that’s gonna be my hobby. I’m lefty, so I hear a lot about lefty people being talented, decided to open a new field for myself and see if I have enough talent for painting. About sports, I usually get personal trainings wherever I go. I can’t live without sport that’s why I always book hotels that are having gym, so I can do my trainings everywhere. Almost everywhere I go I have a trainer that I do my sessions with. Trying to maintain healthy lifestyle as much as I can. When I have free time I like to sleep. Haha. You can laugh at me, I don’t get that much time to sleep, but I know it’s very important forhealth. I’ve learned to sleep on the plane, in the car, I think I can even sleep standing. I’m so good at it, lol.


DJANEMAG: You have been to many places and have seen the world! What impressed you most and where would you like to go?

Angelina Lavo: Yes, I’m traveling a lot and I’ve seen many places. But I noticed one thing, wherever I go, I always miss New York. It’s hard to explain, I always say, New York is not the most beautiful and cleanest city in the world. There is so many other cities that are cleaner and nicer. But the energy! You can’t compare New York City energy with any other city in the world. I know I’ve said it already, but I’m ready to repeat it over and over again. New York is like a big magnet that attracts people to itself. I’ve also been a lot in Europe, but would really like to go in the nearest future to Asia. I hear a lot of nice things about Asia from my friends DJs who was touring there. So it became my new goal, to go to Asia and explore it for myself.

DJANEMAG: Men rule in DJs world. Do you agree with this statement??

Angelina Lavo: It’s hard to deny this statement, because there is more male DJs than female DJs. And they basically started the DJ world much earlier than women, so of course they have that power and right to rule the DJ world. But I think with time everything is changes in life, so now as there is a lot of female DJs are coming out, men should accept it and just deal with it. Some of them are happy to see more and more female DJs, some of them are not happy about that. But it’s everyone’s choice how to react to this situation.

DJANEMAG: We guess your fav music style is House. Why?

What music do you listen in your every day life?

Angelina Lavo: When I started DJing, I played hip-hop on vinyls and I loved it. But I’ve always loved house music, so for me it wasn’t a question what I’m gonna play. I like that House Music is kinda in between of too chill and too upbeat music. And there is more variety that you can listen and play. I found my perfect BPM that I enjoy and I try to maintain it in all my latest mixes. I’m still learning and experimenting a lot with my every new tracks and mixes. Right now I’m enjoying Bass House, G-House and if you noticed my latest mixes are going this direction. In my every day life I like to listen lounge music, of course a lot of house music, bass house, sometimes it’s dubstep. It depends on the day and the mood. I drive a lot, so when I’m driving I listen to my mixes to see if there is something that I can change or do better next time. If I’m in a chilly mood, it definitely would be a lounge playlist.

DJANEMAG: Tell our readers about your latest music releases and give links where people can enjoy you music?

Angelina Lavo: My latest track “Bring It Back” that I released on my birthday just recently is doing great. I’m happy that this track has support from you guys, other music blogs like Dancing Austronaut featured my track on their website and it’s hit #4 of Top Picks of #Austrotrends. It also got to TOP 25 on their Spotify Playlist. I’m happy that “Bring It Back” was noticed by music industry people and get that great feedback. Means I’m going right direction and hope will do better with my new releases. Specially now, when I came to LA to work on new music. So hopefully pretty soon we will be talking about my new release as well.

Here are the links where you can listen and download the track: bring-back- original-mix/ back-single/id1276627774

DJANEMAG: Tell some funny story that happened to you during the gig!

Angelina Lavo: The funniest story that I remember happened to me when I was playing at E Color Festival in Mexico. I was so excited and felt that connection with people there, so I wanted to hug them all. At some point I just ran out of DJ booth and jumped out of the stage, I ran into the crowd and we had some fun all together. But then I realized that I need go back to the DJ booth and the stage is so high so I won’t be able to climb back! For the second I thought “Oh no! The music will stop playing soon and I’m not there!” Thank God, my tour manager realized the same thing, he ran to the stage, took my hands and pulled me up back to the stage. After I finished my set I felt pain on my right side of the body. I couldn’t understand why, and then when I looked at the video, I saw that I scratched my whole right side of the body at the edge of the stage when my tour manager was pulling me up. Of course the whole team was laughing about this situation after, it was really funny. But I was coming back home from this tour in such pain, like I was coming back from the big fight. Lol

DJANEMAG: Share your dreams with our readers)

Angelina Lavo: My dream is to release that track that would hit people’s hearts, and would make people happy when they listen to it. I want to see emotions when people would listen to it. I want to play it, and see them dancing, having fun and singing it. For now I know I still have to do a lot of work to get there, but I’m not stopping and doing my best to make my dream come true.

DJANEMAG wishes Angelina's dream come true and ask you all for support! Follow the link and VOTE NOW! The end of the TOP100DJanes Poll is the 5th of November!