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Printworks presents a new room Inkwells

Printworks will reopen in September with a grand opening party on the 17th, 18th and 19th.

For this highly anticipated Fall / Winter 2021 season, Printworks is unveiling a new room.

The Inkwells is a new low-ceilinged space located underneath the Printworks main hall, accommodating 5,000 people.

This space will be used as the third event room for this AW21 season.

Inkwells refers to the genesis of the venue. When the club was a printing house, this space was used to store giant cans of ink, so it makes sense to keep this link for now. The Inkwells will perpetuate the raw industrial concept that the other two rooms were working on, and in some way retain the factory spirit of the building. This third room stands out for its low ceilings and concrete columns that promise to be enhanced with specially designed lighting.

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