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Peggy Gou announces Gudu & Friends, new compilation series for Gudu Records

Started back in 2019, following her own fashion imprint, KIRIN, Peggy Gou began Gudu Records as a means to support artists at the start of their careers and provide guidance that she felt she didn’t receive


With the release of the first compilation from the imprint, Gudu & Friends, Vol. 1, Gou is showcasing works from label veterans DMX Krew, Mogwaa, Hiver, Dukwa, and Brain de Palma, as well as giving a spotlight to newcomers Closet Yi and Salamanda.  As Peggy Gou has always utilized her Gudu imprint to represent a wide variety of artists from all over the globe, she continues this trend on the new compilation, as the artists represent a wide variety of backgrounds and musical styles.


For the release and artwork of the album, each release will be tied to the Lunar New Year, and the cover art features bunnies to reflect the current year of the rabbit.  The cover art was created by Gudu Records’ regular collaborator, Jin Young Choi, who also illustrates the Gudu Mix series, and his cover art also represents the bunnies in the shape of a moon to further highlight the symbolism and attachment to the Lunar New Year.


The Gudu & Friends, Vol. 1 mixtape is currently streaming everywhere and the label has also created exclusive merchandise as well as a cassette tape of the compilation for purchase.  Be sure to check out the brand-new mix now and discover the exciting sounds and productions being curated by Peggy Gou and her label, Gudu Records.



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