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Oyasound Presents New Track Releases “Rekolte” & “Lwa Nan Dlo”

Brooklyn, New York – Oyasound Presents New Track Releases “Rekolte” & “Lwa Nan Dlo” Oyasound Productions is a music lifestyle brand founded by DJ/Producer/Event Planner Sabine Blaizin.

Oyasound Productions features artists, music, and events highlighting the intersections of the cultures of the African Diaspora through the syncretism of traditional rhythms and electronic music.

Oyasound Productions new music label Oyasound releases two tracks via Traxsource -“Rekolte” & “Lwa Nan Dlo”.

"Rekolte" means harvest in Haitian Creole. It's a remix of a traditional Haitian song called "Harvest Song" by Puerto Rican-born, Haitian-bred vocalist Lolita Cuevas and Haitian guitarist and composer Frantz Casseus.

Rekolte is the first EP release on Oyasound produced by Sabine Blaizin and Okai Musik.

Okai Musik provides live hypnotic Kongo vodou rhythms as DJ Sabine Blaizin accompanies the track with a smooth electronic feel.

The seed has been planted and now it's time to reap the benefits of this Afrohouse rendition of this legendary Haitian folk

"Lwa Nan Dlo" is the 2nd release on Oyasound produced by Sabine Blaizin and Okai Musik.

Building on the momentum of the 1st release "Rekolte", Oyasound is committed to bringing you the best of Haitian Roots & House music.

Vocalist and dancer Sheila Anozier joins this project with a beautiful tribute to Vodou water spirits who protect, heal, and guide us.

The fluidity of this track will definitely cause a wave on the dancefloor!

These two track releases are indicative of the great quality of music coming from Oyasound label with a perfect blend of Haitian traditional and electronic music.

Be on the lookout for more to come from this musical movement!
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