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#onewordchallenge interview with Lady Faith

In the modern world, we are used to consuming information quickly. Checking information on the Internet does not always have time to read large texts.

That's why we decided to try a new kind of interview #onewordchallenge interview where your favorite DJs answer questions with 1-2 words (if it is possible). 

You will learn many interesting facts quickly and efficiently!

Today you can find out more about the best hardstyle DJ in the US - Lady Faith!

About the DJ:

Her specific brand of Hardstyle has been recognized by her legions of fans and her popularity continues to soar. Behind smash hits such as Moxie, Basic Bitch, Bestie, Paint It Black, Supernova and many others, Lady Faith has built the American Hard Dance scene and is currently recognized as one of America’s best female DJ/Producers for Electronic music. She has releases with some of the top Hardstyle labels such as Scantraxx, Hard With Style and Fusion Records and has performed on some of the biggest stages in the business, all across the world.

This pioneer of the American hardstyle scene’s sultry energy—not to mention an awe-inspiring ability to stand atop the decks in six-inch heels—heightens the fans experience in combination with her master mixing skills. Lady Faith is a sure thing – she will rock you to the bone and hit you on an emotional level very time she performs.

Forget reality for a moment and bask in the talent and beauty that can only be delivered by the one-and-only American Hardstyle sensation – Lady Faith.

Check out #onewordchallenge interview with Lady Faith below! 

- Name yourself. Lady Faith

- How could you describe music you play? Pure Energy

- Why did you choose Hardstyle? Sonic Perfection

- What are your favourite sound effects during a show? Don’t Need Them

- The festival of my dream is… EDC LV Main Stage

- What do you feel standing on stage behind a huge crowd of people, screaming your name? Empowered

- How do you feel after a show? Energized

- How can you describe your stage image (clothing)? Sexy Couture In Heels

- What’s your secret of success? Talent

- What’s your moto in a DJ career? Go Hard or Go Home

- Recommend some Hardstyle DJ/DJs to follow on SoundCloud. Devin Wild

- Producing or DJing? What’s your fav part? One Compliments The Other

- The coolest Hardstyle DJ in the world is… That’s Easy - Me

- What was the weirdest gift a fan presented you with? 4lb Kandi Cuff

- Hardstyle female DJs are… Talented, Fun, Sexy and Relevant…

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