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A new option from DJANEMAG Web Studio! Your site, connected to DJANEMAG!

A new option for you from DJANEMAG Web Studio! 

A DJ can order a personal web site, that will be connected to and all news will be automatically added from personal web site to the main news stream.

What do we offer?

- site creation

- technical support of the site

- update the existing site (the old structure and address of you site remains)

The site is the best source of presenting the DJ. This is a round-the-clock promotion of your services and activities. Representation on the Internet is a reflection of the artist's image and its invariably positive impact on the client.

The site has the ability to expand and be updated. It works perfectly in tandem with social networks and advertising.

Special Advantages:

- ​all news that will be posted on your site will automatically appear on the in the appropriate section with further promotion in our socialnetworks.

- the link to your site will appear in a special site section. 

- premium DJane account status.

- direct link on TOP100DJANES voting.