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Nastia has shared her first drum'n'bass mix ever

Not everyone knows that one of the best and world-famous techno DJs in the world used to play drum'n'bass.

Two days ago Nastia shared her first ever drum'n'bass mix and it has already gained thousands of streams and enthusiastic comments.

Today we suggest you to check it out and don't forget to share your impressions both with the DJ and with us in comments in our official social networking pages. (@djanemag)

"This was my first ever drum'n'bass mix recorded in February 2007. Recently I was driving my car in the beginning of quarantine and this mix was a random choice of my player. I felt so inspired by selection and the story behind (my personal flashback) so I decided to share it with you. I did not change the original name of it as I think 'spirit' is the right definition of this mix. When I was playing it I didn't understand much about dnb scene and culture - even better, as this way I could only express what I feel about it through the music. All my forever favorites in here ❤️ Hope you'll find something for yourself too ❤️", that's how Nastia described her mix.

Photo credits: @chereshnya