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We are exited to announce that MODERNLAND and DJANEMAG International signed a partnership agreement, accompanied the conference, where both parties revealed the main issues and, of course, bright parties with participation of female DJs from around the world DJ DA CANDY, JUSTINA S, GEORGIA MOS, PINKO, UKI, KIYA, ASUKA and KESS. 

To clarify, it must be added, that the agreement was signed by the co-owners and our parnters DJANEMAG CHINA and DJANEMAG CLUB TOUR. 

Many media and guests from the country and international partners witnessed the launch of the new MODERNLAND brand concept. 

"This is not only about electronic music and fashion, but also the concept behind the brand that can be resonated."

After the signing of the contract, under the eyes of all the guests, the MODERNLAND executives and the DJANEMAG delegation jointly opened the launching device, which indicated that the two brands will join hands and will bring a full-scale artistic sensory music feast to Chengdu! 

"Everything is harmoniously reconciled in the new relationship. The old understanding, insights, images, discoveries, and constantly flow and update at a new level, blending with the deep sense of the brand, once again become a new graphic, become a residence Infinitely meaningful." 

After the conference, the guests received a boost of energy and positive in the best tradition of Asian parties with wild dances and explosive music at Modernland, Hepburn and Boom clubs of Chengdu.


Find more photos from parties at DJANEMAG CHINA facebook: