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Mija - Secrets (Crankdat Remix)

Dear friends, we have already hear "Secrets" by Mija. Today we found some really cool remix by tallented Crankdat on this track and want to share it with you! Listen, enjoy and write in comments what you think) Spring vibes on!

"People often ask me how I go about choosing which songs I remix. For me, there really is no process. Sometimes I'll hear a song, and instantly something goes off in my brain that starts filling in other melody lines and chords, or that has me hear the vocal in a different way. Such was the case when Mija sent me her new tune 'Secrets.' I wanted to take what she made and go harder, while keeping the essence of the main tune in tact. S/O to Mija for letting me do this, and S/O to NESTHQ for the premiere!" - Christian