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Maya Jane Coles #TakeFlight is OUT NOW and ready for you all to hear!

Dear friends, #TakeFlight EP by Maya Jane Coles is ready for your ears!

24 brand new tracks, available now on -

Across the album's 24 tracks and nearly two hours Coles takes ample opportunities to show off all the different dimensions of her production and curation nouse; obviously there are plenty of the slinky smooth techno jams that she's known for, but there's also plenty of more R&B influenced numbers and a few notable collaborations.  'Keep Me Warm' was made in collaboration with GAPS. Coles' relationship with the Brighton dup goes back a way, as they were signed to Maya's I/AM/ME imprint for the release of their debut album, and have also had their work remixed by Coles. You can feel the resonance between the two artists in 'Keep Me Warm', as Gasps' seductively honeyed vocals float languidly and upon Coles' classically slinky bass and vaporous synths. Listen to 'Keep Me Warm' below.

What is more, we suggest you to watch Maya Jane Coles brings a mesmerising mix of music & visuals to Hï Ibiza for BBC Radio 1. on DJANEMAG TV -