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Marisol Garcia Announce Release Date For Their 'Cosmic Radiation' Album

Marisol Garcia returns to Oxytech Records with Cosmic Radiation, a project surrounding a 3 original track EP, focusing on the sounds and textures from the deep space


Specifically, the new album explore the sounds from different astronomical phenomena as neutron stars, quasars and black holes (with real NASA recordings) and their behavior at the universe, creating pulsating basslines, driving beats and ethereal landscapes full of rhythm and energy.



After her first album “Magmatika” a journey into the bowels of the earth, Marisol Garcia showcasing a more cultivated sound, after an intensive year-long period of experimentation and studio labor, releasing an immersive and psychedelic experience, tripping into the world of pulsating frequencies. 


Marisol Garcia is actually working on her 3rd album, who will be her first Industrial Techno work.


The self-titled album while will arrive on May 5th, is now available to pre-save on the link here.