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The Netherlands hardstyle DJ Malua dropped a new track 'Caprice' a couple of days ago.

"Caprice is OUT NOW! So excited to play this new track at my upcoming bookings! Let me know what you think of the track!", Malua shared her emotions at her ig. 

Miss Malua has been at the top of her game recently.

The A2 Records leading lady has been building and expanding her sound to reach all new heights, as she’s been thriving on refreshing melodies and energising atmospheres.

After making a statement with her soul-lifting tune “Let’s Fly” with Alee, which was released earlier in 2019, Malua is back with an eccentric, pungent tune “Caprice.”

This newie will lift you off your feet and throw you straight into a state of supreme euphoria.

Listen and download:

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