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LOST VILLAGE FESTIVAL announced their lineup rich in female DJs!

Lost Village is a kaleidoscopic world of experiences. Incredible food, comedy in the Lost Theatre, wood-fired hot tubs and yoga by the Lake of Tranquility, tribal banquets with world-renowned chefs, captivating talks at the Institute of Curious Minds and so much more besides. One minute you’re dancing to disco under a canopy of leaves, the next you’re face-to-face with the village’s native inhabitants. 

This year Lost Village revealed insane lineup with an army of female DJs stars such as The Black Madonna, Peggy Gou, Helena Hauff, Honey Dijon and more! The full lineup is waiting below:

You'll also have the chance to take part in workshops, such as the Circus of Astonishment, check out live talks in the Institute of Curious Minds or chill in the lakeside hot tubs.

When: August 23 to 26

Where:  Abandoned Chapel, the Lost Theatre and the Lake of Tranquility, Lincolnshire, The UK