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Introducing Euphonia: AlphaTheta Unveils Revolutionary Rotary Mixer

The latest addition to the lineup, featuring four channels, comes with a price tag of £3,249


AlphaTheta, a music technology brand under the umbrella of AlphaTheta Corporation, the parent company of Pioneer DJ, has made waves with the announcement of its inaugural rotary mixer, euphonia.

euphonia represents a pioneering fusion of digital and analog technologies, boasting four channels, a breakthrough in AlphaTheta’s evolving product lineup. Marking a departure from the weighty builds of previous Pioneer DJ mixers, euphonia introduces a lighter design coupled with innovative features and a revamped layout.


At the heart of euphonia are its four rotary faders, engineered to dampen vibrations with elastomer linings encasing the knobs. The mixer is further distinguished by its incorporation of five built-in send FX and a high-pass filter. Among the available send FX are Delay, Reverb, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, and Shimmer, with the flexibility to integrate additional external effects, allowing for personalized customization.



AlphaTheta’s promise of a transcendent auditory experience is echoed in euphonia’s tagline, touting a blend of digital precision and analog warmth previously unparalleled in DJ mixers. This feat is achieved through the implementation of 32-bit A/D and D/A converters, complemented by 96kHz/64bit floating-point DSP operations, showcasing AlphaTheta’s cutting-edge digital signal processing technology.


Central to euphonia’s sonic signature is its transformer circuit, a collaborative effort between AlphaTheta and Rupert Neve Designs, renowned for their legendary analog audio circuitry and mixing desks revered by industry professionals worldwide. This circuit, finely tuned for euphonia, enriches the music with harmonics, yielding a lustrous and dynamic sound conducive to seamless mixing.


Positioned alongside Pioneer DJ, AlphaTheta emerges as a distinct brand, offering a fresh lineup of music products tailored to meet evolving industry demands.


euphonia is now available for purchase at £3,249 ($3,799), inviting enthusiasts to delve into its transformative sonic capabilities. For more information, visit [link], and witness euphonia in action through the accompanying video demonstration.