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The Intro Music Festival

The Intro Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that occurs in late May in the city of Beijing, China. It is the largest outdoor music festival held in China.

Debuted in the year of 2009, Intro has become an annual showcase of the best of China’s thriving electronic music scene. It is held in a 46,000 square metre open-air plaza named 751 D-Park, located in the 798 art zone of Beijing. The festival lasts for one or two days depending on the year, with approximately 3 stages, 80 artists, 20,000 people in an open-air plaza.

INTRO= Ideas Need To Reach Out Initiated by Acupuncture Records, Intro revolves around the concept that music is a vital element that forms a connections between all people, and electronic music is the sound of an era. The motto, “Ideas Need To Reach Out”,is based around that people need a platform to express these beliefs through means of electronic music and digital art. The Intro festivals main purpose is this and each year thousands of people gather to support the electronic music culture development in China.

Every year, top-notch DJs and VJs from all over the world are invited to perform at INTRO. In addition to the main festival, panel discussions on electronic music culture, DJ/VJ workshops, remix competition and other activities are among the expansive event program, which attracts over 10,000 people to attend every year, marking INTRO the key event in the electronic scene in China.

See you on May, 28, Beijing, China!

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