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Beat Retreat returns this March 6-11th in the kitesurfing capital of the Caribbean, Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic. Back for its second edition, participants will delve into music production, songwriting, label collaboration, and more. Beyond the studio, this retreat immerses attendees in the Dominican Republic's landscapes and culture, fostering creativity and inspiration. Geared towards DJs and producers already active in music but not yet full-time, Beat Retreat promises a transformative journey toward artistic growth and a future in electronic music.


Guided by industry experts, Beat Retreat seeks to enhance artist skills and expand their network in the electronic music industry. Mentors announced for the second edition includes dynamic DJ, producer and ​​co-founder of Manjumasi records - Atish, music industry aficionado and A&R at Insomniac Music Group - Nick Garcia, founder of Beat Retreat, artist and entrepreneur - DJ Neekola, Anjunadeep’s forward thinking DJ/producer Enamour and one of dance music’s most beloved producers over the course of more than three decades in the game, Saeed Younan.


We had the opportunity to catch up with Beat Retreat founder DJ Neekola, to learn more about the experience and what’s in store for the spring edition! Check it out below!


You have been an international DJ for 15 years now. In what ways are you hoping to mentor the next generation of aspiring artists through your Beat Retreat series?


If you don’t understand the music industry as a whole, it’s much harder to get ahead, even as a very talented producer and DJ. This leads to frustration and over extended timelines for artists to achieve success - and sadly many very talented artists give up right before they may have achieved that success due to these frustrations.


Drawing from my own extended journey in the industry, I aim to assist the next (vetted) generation of producers and DJs in expediting their understanding of the industry to get ahead faster.


With Beat Retreat, my purpose is to demystify the music industry by bringing together a unique group of touring DJs, record labels, booking agents, venues, mental health professionals and other industry experts to share their experiences face to face with up-and-coming talent.


In addition, we create and collaborate together, explore the DR, celebrate and perform together during these five days to create bonds between everyone in attendance, creating that supportive community that is essential for moving forward in this industry.


Beyond the industry discussions, Beat Retreat fosters a collaborative environment where participants engage with one another creatively in music production. Over the course of five days, we delve into workshops, explore the DR together, dine, attend parties, and perform collectively. This immersive experience aims to cultivate strong bonds among attendees, establishing a supportive community crucial for progression in this competitive industry.


In my perspective, the most impactful outcome of these retreats would be equipping talented DJs and producers with the necessary tools and fostering a supportive community, enabling them to attain their aspirations in their music careers.”

- DJ Neekola, Founder of Beat Retreat


Credit: Angel Bracho


The second edition of Beat Retreat will take place in Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic this March 6-11th. Tell us more about the mentorship program and what participants can expect?


Yes! I’m so excited about this spring! We’ve scooped some amazing talent this spring from the main stages and brought them directly to the DR, so our spring participants can learn from them face to face. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity not just to learn from them, but to create a connection with them for future collaborations. It’s one of the best parts about Beat Retreat. 


This year our mentors are:


Enamour - an international DJ and producer who has an undeniable global presence in the electronic space, known for creating masterful soundscapes with no boundary of range, and also a mentor through Patreon. He will share all of his top tricks and techniques for getting inspired in the studio, being creative and innovative, and coming up with ideas.


Atish - a well known and accomplished DJ, label owner, mentor and music producer who’s achieved so much in a short amount of time will be discussing how to transition your music hobby into a career. He will delve into things such as finances, mindset, strategy, building a team and a brand all from the perspective of ensuring we remain authentic to our own voice.


Nick Garcia - a DJ who works for Insomniac Music Group in A&R, will be going over all the details on how to get signed by a bigger record label. He will discuss everything from the pros and cons of record labels, how to approach and communicate with labels, how to prepare demos and more.


Saeed Younan - a 30 year veteran in the industry who has been named one of the Top 100 DJ’s in the industry, runs his own label, has produced heaps of well known music and performed at some of the best festivals in the world has a lot to share. He will focus on marketing yourself as an artist in social media, public relations and more.


We also have myself, DJ Neekola - I’ve been in the industry for 15 years performing, producing music, creating characters and building companies around the event industry. My talk will focus on how the new generation of up-and-coming music producers can create music with an impact to change the world for the better using positive lyrics, chord progressions and frequencies in their productions.


“I'm super excited to pass on my knowledge and connect with mentees at Beat Retreat. I'm hoping my 30 years in the business will shed some light on the obstacles and hurdles that can be avoided.” - Saeed Younan, DJ + Producer


Credit: Angel Bracho



Geared towards DJs and producers already active in music but not yet full-time, Beat Retreat promises a transformative journey toward artistic growth and a future in electronic music. Can you tell us in what ways Beat Retreat will continue to support artists beyond the 5 days?


Yes! The community and friendships you gain last forever. Our last retreat still is going strong in our group chats, where participants actively collaborate, book each other for events, and contribute to joint musical projects. Notably, many past participants are currently engaged in producing music for a special compilation CD under WAYU Records, the label mentor for Beat Retreat 23.


As we continue to have more and more retreats, participants not only become integral members of their specific retreat community but also establish connections with past participants, thereby contributing to the expanding network. This growth translates into increased opportunities, heightened support, and the formation of lasting friendships.


All participants gain exclusive access to recorded sessions of the classes through our online portal. Additionally, they receive a discount code for future Beat Retreats. So as you can see, there are plenty of ways Beat Retreat extends its impact beyond the initial five-day duration.



Let’s talk about studio time and collaborations! Will there be time to make some magic in the studio and work on collabs?


Yes! Everyday we’ve got time allotted for getting together in one of our three available studios to collaborate, or learn valuable production techniques from our mentors. We also ask each of our participants to bring unfinished music and projects of theirs so they can have peer and mentor feedback with the intention of being able to finish these projects and get their music sounding release ready.


Each open studio time slot is currently a blank canvas of free creative time for the participants. We offer structure by administering surveys ahead of the retreat to understand the individual needs and preferences of each participant. Once we have that information, we organize the open creative time into structured mentoring sessions, which may be conducted either on an individual basis or in group settings.


Beat Retreat is located in paradise! Does this mean excursions and day trips are included?


Yes! I’ve curated a series of excursions that are included in the fee for our participants, such as beachfront dining experiences, serene beach meditations, local parties, and a captivating sunset Catamaran party featuring performances by our mentors, with one fortunate participant also having the opportunity to showcase their talents. A highlight of the itinerary is the visit to Inspire DR, an after-school program in Cabarete, where I played a key role in launching a DJ and music production course for the local youth.


We also have add-on excursions for those that want to take a break from the music program to experience a bit more of the DR such as surf lessons, kiting lessons, trapeze lessons, aerial silks and/or the opportunity to do a photo shoot with our talented photographer.


If you’re an aspiring DJ/Producer, APPLY for the Beat Retreat Spring edition!


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