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Illenium, Au5, and Tritonal Get Acoustic Treatments from Cristona Soto


Cristina Soto returns with seven reimagined renditions of hit tracks in her new acoustic album Wooden Renderings. As the songwriter and featured vocalists on tracks such as Painted White by Illenium, Shock Diamond by Au5, Still With Me by Tritonal and many more, Cristina’s lyrics and soulful vocals are the heart and soul of these tracks. Now, they have been stripped back to their rawest form, to how the tracks originated. 

Melodic and familiar, Wooden Renderings is a fresh drop in the pool of lyricism and melodies that we hear in mainstream media. Soto’s vocals transport the listener to calming and tranquil soundscapes with lyrics that fans already know and love.

“Thank you for listening to Wooden Renderings. As with most things dear, this album took longer than planned. Each song was studied, disassembled, and reimagined… for me, but also for you. I hope you are taken somewhere familiar, yet new.” - Cristina Soto

About Cristina Soto:

Based out of Austin, TX, Cristina Soto is a singer/songwriter and live performer for cross-genre vocal projects, largely known for her work in EDM. She is trained in opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals and plays multiple instruments. Cristina’s breadth in musical experience allows her to move like a chameleon across genres, letting her rich, emotional, and uplifting vocals be the familiar pull. As the original vocalist for power-duo Tritonal, Cristina’s ethereal tones and heady lyrics played an instrumental role in bringing their melodic, yet progressive trance to the forefront of the dance music scene.

From 2007-2012, her songs with Tritonal held multiple weeks in #1 positions on Beatport charts and they toured the world together.

With over a dozen songs in their joint discography, the capstone of “Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto” collaborations is the classic, ‘Still With Me’, remixed by Seven Lions. In 2014, Cristina released ‘One Thing’ with Psymbionic, and it went big on Bassnectar’s ‘Into The Sun’ mixtape in the summer of 2015. She also collaborated with Illenium & Said The Sky on their melodic dubstep song “Painted White”. Cristina’s debut album, ‘All I Need’ released in March 2016 through Gravitas Recordings, featuring 7 all new originals from 6 different producers, including Psymbionic for the title track. 2017 brought the opportunity to work with Austin Collins of Au5, and French Powerhouse, CloZee. In the last couple of years, Cristina has focused on democratizing her vocals via sample packs, which have had great success on Splice and Black Octopus. Cristina continually seeks collaborations to grow as a “no-genre” artist, partnering with talented producers from all over the world.

In 2022, Cristina returns with her album Wooden Renderings as well as prominent collaborations with artists such as Subtronics.