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Hakkasan LV unveils kinetic light installation for EDC Week

During EDC week this year, Hakkasan Group decided to amaze its guests with a new, multi-million dollar, custom light install called the Hakkasan Grid.

The Grid was built by Germany company WhiteVoid. The huge kinetic light installation is actually the largest in the US. The 30-foot sculpture is constructed from 57 3D printed triangles standing at four-feet each. The centerpiece will transform and change color with the music in real-time, thanks to pixel-mapping and color-mixing technology controlled by Hakkasan proprietary software.

“The nightlife industry requires constant evolution and excellence, and we pride ourselves on consistently rising to this challenge and providing our guests with unforgettable, transformative experiences,” Hakkasan Group's executive vice president of entertainment James Algate is quoted in the press release. “We’re thrilled to yet again push the boundaries of nightlife with the new Hakkasan Grid. We’re confident that guests will be blown away by this futuristic, multisensory experience we’ve created.” 

via Billboard