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Gegen DECADE compilation w/ Ellen Allien, Paula Temple, La Fraicheur, Bloody Mary, Lady Maru and more

Celebrating 10 years of existence with a statement, Berlin’s GEGEN is releasing a solid 3-part compilation, grounding their work of the past decade into the newly founded label’s sonic aesthetic by showcasing the artists that have been at the heart of the infamous party series.

This VA is a bundle of 30 tracks hailing from the true ride-or-die residents at the core of the project to the headliners whose support have propelled the collective from day one as well as up-and-coming artists that Gegen takes to heart to support.

Curated with our love for techno’s history of diversity in mind, this release travels through different subgenres and BPM and takes you from classic techno to industrial, hardcore to breakbeat, deconstructed to acid.

Whether you are up for an ethereal epic eerie journeys (Ellen Allien, Femanyst), looking to get dirty in punk distortion (Hypnoskull, Bombardier), needing to release energy on some tense walkyrie anthems (Paula Temple, Espectra Negra, Ayako Mori), wanting to indulge in some raw hard hitters (Ayarcana, Tunnel, Esther Duijn), losing yourself in spacious hypnotic trips (Cristian Marras, La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard, Non Reversible, Lady Maru), craving from some groovy cuts (Bloody Mary, Mar/us, Years of Denial) or wishing for deconstructed and drums focused tracks (SKD, Scalameriya), you will find what you are looking for in this compilation that proudly represents the Gegen sound.

The compilation is built on a sonic narrative arc, with releases growing harder, faster and harsher, as would the curating of a Gegen night. Releasing the 3 parts every two weeks, we invite you on a month-long beautiful musical journey to experience the Gegen universe.

About Gegen:

Gegen Berlin is a techno queer political project which includes party series and record label, born to promote the vision of creating a safe environment of diversity and tolerance in the music industry. Based at the KitKatClub and with multiple international collaborations abroad, the collective have been pushing the envelope on issues of gender and diversity for 10 years now.

“One of the best parties happening anywhere in the world right now.” “The party's philosophy is to be opposed to labels. The best mark is "techno-queer" but the audience is various: artists, DJs, bears, drag queens, punks, clubbers, ravers, transsexuals and young people in general” “Taking place at infamous sex club KitKat, Gegen is more of a concept than a mere party. Gegen means “against” in German, and each event is named after an institution or a notion that the organisers want to rebel against. Explicitly queer, this party provides its audience with a true experience. Event descriptions sound like manifestos, arty teaser videos are released ahead of the night, and each event includes special performances, exhibitions, and installations by international artists. Music-wise, Gegen leans towards house and techno, but is guaranteed to surprise you.” “(Paula Temple’s track “Gegen”) is named after a club night in the city that “smashes up the idea of ‘normal'” The room is carried by a frenzied energy that transcends the superego of each individual and which allows an overwhelming sense of liberty to reign over Gegen, a party that appears to me, as I walk back at the end of the night, like a kind of fleeting, anarchic utopia.


Release Date: September 17th 2021

Ellen Allien - “Acid Against Fascism”

La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard - “Lost In Midland”

Bloody Mary - “They Come For Us At Night”

Flavia Laus - “Catharsis”

Oliver Deutschmann - “Delete Religion”

Ayako Mori - “Shrine Of Gegen”

P.E.A.R.L. - “Perfume Of Sweat”

Cristian Marras - “One Of A Kind”

PVS - “Panic Room”

Sarah Strandberg - “Helter Skelter”



Release Date: October 1st 2021

Paula Temple - “Gegen X”

Mar/us Feat. Espectra Negra - “Against Yourself”

Esther Duijn - “Exomorph”

Scalameriya - “Grappler”

ОCD - “Nature Abhors A Vacuum”

Lady Maru - “Kill Ur Lobby”

Non reversible - “Obscuration”

Bombardier - “Generation Gegen”

Femanyst - “California Killer (Jack The Creamer)”

Tunnel - “Identity And Equity”



Release Date: October 15th 2021

Ayarcana - “Igne Natura”

Espectra Negra - “Cyber City”

Hypnoskull - “Im Gegenzug”

Kareem - “whyareyousoscared__BUNKERPROOFBULLET-MIX”

Liza Aikin - “Muriel” Years of Denial - “Pleasure”

Dominik Müller - “I Saw Her At K. - Str. 76”

Huren - “Pool Footage”

Stave - “Grain”

SKD - “Serpents Of The Snake Pit”