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Portuguese DJ Rocky G has been a dancefloor destroyer for almost a decade, she is enigmatic, fascinating and possess the ability to seduce an entire crowd. Defined by her unique approach of crafting hypnotizing blends of all things EDM since 2008, this mix master has proven that she can shake the grounds. Her energetic vibe and lustre intertwines with the girls on  the floor, generating allurement and giving shape to the entire night. The perfect artist for an exhilarating party, festival or launch, Rocky G continues to radiate. DJANEMAG had a talk with Rocky G and she told us the story of her coolest DJ experience, working with world famous brands, cooperation with Playboy...

Have you known that this beautiful lady is a mom of six children!!! Want to know more? Read our exclusive interview with DJ Rocky G below! ALL EXCLUSIVE WITH DJANEMAG!

DJANEMAG: We know that you has thrown over 3 million party goers into a euphoric utopia, hitting over 50 countries on 4 continents!!! fantastic result, in fact) Can you name the most memorable gig in you life? Where was it? And is there any place / country / city / event you dream to perform? 

Rocky G: My favorite gig ever it was on Pride in Lisbon. I did play for more than 30000 people. The feeling was amazing. The connection then I was able to feel, was that music is the language of love. If you play music you can connect with any person, because whatever they speak, English or not or any other language they will underdand music. 

DJANEMAG: You played for world famous brands like Ministry of Sound, Fashion TV, Red Bull and Playboy. What is special about such kind of gigs? Are there any special requarements to artist? Do you feel more responsibility while presenting world famous brands or it's just an orginary event? 

Rocky G: I am a very lucky Dj . Each time then you play for a concept party, you need to do your own work and understands what the party is about. People will attend to that party, are expecting one kind of music and one kind of vibe and you need to perform to the standards of the brands . If you play a headkandi party it's a more funky vibe if you play ministry of sound you need to have music knowledge and play from old tracks to new hits. It gives you a lot more experience and knowledge not just about dance floor same party crowds but about how to improve your djing skills. You always feel responsible, for any performance. 


"Many years a Go I had a Dream... Play for Ministry Of Sound --! For over two decades, Ministry of Sound has created the moments that people live for. In 1991 you had to be here to experience the euphoria - today whether you're listening, watching or reading anything Ministry of Sound, there is still only one rule: the music comes first." 

DJANEMAG: Need to stop on your cooperation with Playboy, we know that it influenced your life greatly! Can you share this story with our readers! 

Rocky G: Playboy is very important in my life. In 2010, I played for Playboy enterprise and Playboy energy drink, touring around the globe. And it was with Playboy than I met my husband Paul, and because of that The Playboy concepts always will be in my heart. In 2016 I was on the annevesairy cover of Playboy with the title of PLAYBOYS favorite Dj. Basically, if Playboy did not exist I did not have the family than I have today. 

DJANEMAG: What are currently your main challenges as a female DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music? Share your latest music releases! 


Rocky G: I'm not just a female DJ, I am a DJ and a mom with six kids. Its very hard, but at least I have an amazing family and husband and friends who support me. 
I love to be a DJ, I love to create arts with the art of the other ones, and I believe dj-ing is an art, whats so important like producing. I just release my track “YEXY”, at track available now in iTunes and Spotify. 


DJANEMAG: One of the particularities of DJing is that takes people outside their own little box for a few hours, without the option of switching channels, changing the song according to their own taste or remaining within their virtual circle. How do you, as a DJ, make use of this freedom? 

Rocky G: I believe that being Dj, is a lot about connecting in reading the crowds that you give a special party, venue or events. I like to please my crowd, but for that's I'm not going totally far away from what I believe about Dj, and what is my music taste. I am a very classic Dj, I would like to mix genders but I will not play that hit if it's totally out of my taste. 
In your performance like a Dj, you need to find a connection between you and the people in front of you and for that you need to do your own work, try to understand why who's in front of you and connect with them, and then after guide and control their emotions. 


DJANEMAG: What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? 

Rocky G: When I did focus myself in being international. Expand my horizon, and starts to have fans around the world did make me dream bigger and be a better DJ, and now all my projects about life streaming is going to be a very important moment in my career as well. 

DJANEMAG: What are the main souces of inspiration for you? 

Rocky G: I love stories about strong women and I love movies from the 80s, underdog story the person who achieve something, when you are not expecting it's always a little bit my story is well. Dj and I have few persons that I really admire, I will always admire Tiesto in Armin van Buuren for what they did, and still do for the dance scene, and Laidback Luke for the way that you can still dj technical wise. 

DJANEMAG: Can you give some advice how to achive success in career and have enough time for personal life, family and leasure! Cause a lot of DJanes face this problem and we believe that it is possible to combine everything) 

Rocky G: I believe you don't need to choose between having a family and having a dream. Having a family will give you a different power, probably you are not going to achieve so fast but you are going to feel much more strong when achieve. Focus yourself and your goals, and go step-by-step always changing expectations for appreciation. Find a partner for your life to support you and love you like you are don't trying to change you and learn how to sleep just five hours a day. 

photos taken from Rocky G instagram profile, follow her @djrockyg