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Exclusive Fashion Interview with DJane Lady Lee

Spring has come and girls from around the world want to look more bright and attractive. We talked with DJane Lady Lee on the themes of fashion, must haves and fashion designers. Pure fashionista and incredibly beautiful girl with an ideal body and excellent taste knows the sense in bright looks, is not afraid to look extravagant and stand out from the crowd. Want to know more? Read our exclusive interview with DJane Lady Lee below! 

DJANEMAG: Describe your style in 5 worlds (like extravagant, bright, sexy...etc) 

Lady Lee: Feminine,Modern,Little Edge,Sexy,Cool

DJANEMAG: Which fashion designers and labels are really at the top for you now? Do you visit shows of fashion designers? Who were the fashion designers you fell in love with? Has this changes over time? 

Lady Lee: There is so many i love...Lately it is a Kanye West clothes.Especialy his last yeezy season

DJANEMAG: You are very bright and beautiful girl! Have you ever participated in advertising campaigns of famous fashion brands? 

Lady Lee: Thank you...It is so nice to hear...Yes i did camapin for usa luxury headphones brand Frends...and i am looking forward for new campains...

DJANEMAG: What do you prefer luxury brands or affordable mass market brands and Why? 

Lady Lee: Definitly combination of both...Today is not uncommon to find girls wearing together shoes from Christian Louboutin, jeans from Zara,sunglasses from Dior,shirts from H&M, and bags from MIU MIU.Even high-and people ,typically loyal to luxury brands,are not afraid of such an electic mix of fashion and luxury brands.

DJANEMAG: What is the most expensive and the cheapest thing in your wardrobe? 

Lady Lee: The most expensive things in my wardrobe are definitely bags...and cheapest maybe some plane t shirts

DJANEMAG: Must have of the season is/are... 

Lady Lee: Smile 

DJANEMAG: What would you never wear? 

Lady Lee: Hm, leopard print clothes lol

DJANEMAG: Fashion icon for you is... 

Lady Lee: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna...

DJANEMAG: The best place for shopping on Earth is...

Lady Lee: Singapore , LA and NY

DJANEMAG: Describe your wardrobe! There reigns a creative mess or total accuracy and ordering?

Lady Lee: Definitely total accuracy and ordering.

Photo: instagram @ladyleeofficial