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Enjoy Exclusive Interview with Australian it girl DJ Lucille Croft

Reconfiguring creative standards, Lucille Croft is omitting the norm and signaling a new affinity in the future-house realm. Endowing the electronic music industry dutifully, this Melbourne DJ, producer and ardent fashion influencer sees her profile as the house savant behind the decks, earning herself an active calendar in Australia and across the seas. Synonymous with freakishly alluring play, Lucille Croft owns her esteemed musical authority. Bright blonde with unique and provocative style shares her fav brands, attitude to fashion, shopping and more! Read our exclusive interview with Lucille Croft below! 

DJANEMAG:  What is your attitude to fashion and What place fashion plays in your life?

Lucille Croft: I've worked in the fashion industry since I was 15 - I absolutely love it - and the idea that you can express yourself and your identity through what you wear. Over the years I've kind of developed my own style instead of focusing so much on trends, and I feel really comfortable about it now.

DJANEMAG: Do you often change something in your appearance? What inspires you? trends??

Lucille Croft: Hmmm, not particularly! I've always been blonde, and I like to keep my look pretty natural. I guess the thing I change up is my style - however even though I do change it up I'll always revert back to my good old jeans/band tees etc. I'm inspired a lot by streetwear, 80's fashion, and big trends in Asia. They're really into super cool streetwear trends and amazing shoes and jackets - which I LOVE!

DJANEMAG: Describe your wardrobe in 2 words)

Lucille Croft: Minimal x sassy

DJANEMAG: What was your last purchase?

Lucille Croft: A fresh pair of Doc Martens

DJANEMAG: As a DJ you probably travel a lot around the world! What city is the best for shopping?

Lucille Croft: Hmmm... I would probably say Hong Kong! They have some unbelievably cool stuff over there that I never see in Australia or anywhere else really. My preference is online shopping, and I find most of the cool brands I purchase from mainly through Instagram!

DJANEMAG: You have so many colorful photo sessions, your images are always original and stylish! Is it the work of stylists or you make decisions yourself?

Lucille Croft: It's a mixture! Some shoots I direct/am just shooting casually with my friends. And others are jobs/shoots I've been booked for as a model, and don't really have control over the creative direction.

DJANEMAG: Have you participated in an advertising campaigns of fashion brands in your country or abroad?

Lucille Croft: Yeah quite a lot through modelling! I've done a range of lingerie, swimwear, accessories and streetwear campaigns. I've done Franke Wylde, Ozmosis, Elle Evans swim, Bras N Things, + heaps more. I've taken a step back from modelling over the past year so I can now focus on my own lingerie label - which will be launching at the end of the year!

DJANEMAG: Fashion icon for you is - Why ...?

Lucille Croft: I've always loved Kate Moss. hot chic x punk rock, and really pushed the boundaries with her style! (she still does too)

DJANEMAG: Must have of this season:

Lucille Croft: A pair of big badass boots and some suuuuuper ripped up jeans!

DJANEMAG: Name three of your favorite brands of clothes.

Lucille Croft: 1 - Missguided
2 - I.AM.GIA
3 - Discount Universe

DJANEMAG: Describe your favorite outfit in which you feel like a queen.

Lucille Croft: A see-through mesh top, some high waist leather pants and a pair of big badass flatforms!

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