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EMMA/EMMY releases 2nd single together with twin/artist duo Ivy Nord

From Musikmakarna Songwriter’s Academy of Sweden, with students that have written some of the biggest hits in the world like “Lush Life” - Zara Larsson, The Ocean - Mike Perry, SOS - Avicii, EMMA/EMMY and Ivy Nord is no exception and are aiming to walk in their same footsteps with their latest single “Bitter Sweet”. 

EMMA/EMMY, a DJ duo from Sweden, consisting of EMMA KAI & EMMY KASAI has taken some time off the spotlight since their debut single "SPACE" was released in December 2019. With the goal of polishing their sound as a duo and finding a fresher sound,”Bitter Sweet” is the start of a new and better era for EMMA/EMMY! In 2020, Emma & Emmy released a song together with the swedish artist Sanna Martinez called “Hands On Me” which was featured on the american TV-show “Love Island US” which made the song reach millions of people. 

Ivy Nord is an up & coming twin duo from Gothenburg, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. For the last couple of years they’ve been focusing on experimenting with their sound to find their niche while studying at the best songwriting schools in Sweden which has led them to what Ivy Nord is today. Modern pop toplines meet an edgy and ambient production. Their airy and deep voices together creates a unique sound. Sara and Matilda are currently completing their EP in Stockholm. It’s finally time for Ivy Nord to step out of the studio, conquer the big stages and give the world something new, exciting and empowering. Who’s ready for double trouble? 

The duos first met when Sara & EMMY attended different classes at the same school during 2020 and they instantly felt like they belonged together, like two missing pieces of a puzzle. Spring of 2021, EMMY showed EMMA and IVY NORD a small production idea which was the start of this powerful collaboration between the duos and best friends. 

With “Bitter Sweet” they are hoping to leave an impactful footprint on the music scenes due to the song being written and produced by females and to gain respect as females in the music industry whose skills are questioned daily. They provide the world exactly what it needs now: more kindness, bubbliness, and hopefulness.

 "Seeing other women as competition is outdated and we are here to prove that! Life becomes much more enjoyable when we do the things we love, with the people we love and at the same time putting a smile on other people's faces." 

EMMA/EMMY x IVY NORD is the combo you didn't know you needed and this is certainly not the last time you will hear a collaboration with these superstar duos.