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Eliza May Released New Single, Bass Heavy Hitter 'Tigris Run'

Eliza May is back with a trap banger!

The Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and bass music queen dropped her long-awaited new single, Tigris Run, on February 1st.

The track is available on all digital platforms.

Tigris Run follows a string of successful singles, including Up in the Club and Make The Booty Go, which broke the Top 10 Trap and Future Bass Chart, and Top 10 Floor Fillers on Beatport.

It also follows BadMan, which helped solidify Eliza’s name as one of the most prolific bass producers of her generation.

Eliza’s fans will be charmed by Tigris Run’s Indian-influenced sounds and rhythmic beat, which artfully complements the track’s heavy hitting bass.

An instant hit at first listen, Tigris Run is sure to become a festival staple across the globe.

When asked for the inspiration behind the track’s name, Eliza said “My friend was playing the track while she was showering and as soon as she heard the drop she imagined tigers hunting in the jungle in the middle of the night. That's how I came up with the title, Tigris Run, and also why there is a tiger onthe cover artwork.”

So far, Eliza has performed all over the world – from Russia, France, and Malta, to Bahrain and most recently Taiwan.

She is also highly sought-after in the States, where she performs in venues packed with fans dancing to her signature tunes.