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The best DJanes from all over the world have won and continue to win the Chinese public. May is really hot, cause almost every day around best clubs in China, there are shows with DJANEMAG TOP100DJanes. Largest cities inhabitants and cities guests have a chance to see bright shows filled with awesome music and incendiary energy! We were able and will be able to enjoy performances of a bright Belgian duo 2Empress, a Mexican super star Mariana Bo, a Portuguese beauty Olga Ryazanova, Top DJs of France Oriska and Naomie K, one of the world's most touring DJs Da Candy and sax DJ Ola Ras.

DJANEMAG TOUR never stops, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead! Stay turned)

Here you can find the dates of girls gigs:

Olga Ryazanova

May, 12th - Dr. Oscar Club, Wuxi

May, 13th - Leqing Night Club 

Mariana Bo

May, 16th - Nanning Stars 

May, 18th - Guiyang Play House Club

May, 19th - Wuhan Club Muse 

May, 20th - Shenzhen M1 

May, 25th - Guangzhou Catwalk 

May, 26th - Dr. Oscar Club, Wuxi

May, 27th - Asia Par Club, Hangzhou 

May, 28th - Vip Room Club, Wenzhou


May, 5th - Dr. Oscar Club, Wuxi

May, 6th - Lusca Club, Guangzhou

May, 10th - Babi Club, Putian

May, 11th - Babi Club, Guangzhou

May, 12th - Asia Par Club, Hangzhou 

May, 13th - Vip Room Club, Wenzhou

Ola Ras

May, 20th - Hepburn, Guangzhou


May, 23th - Hepburn, Guangzhou

Naomie K

May, 30th - Hepburn, Guangzhou

And this weekend is gonna be even more hotter then ever. China, welcome bright beauty and a top DJ of the world Da Candy!!! Be ready for insane parties with Da Candy on:

May 19th - Lusca Club, Guangzhou 

May, 20th - Dr. Oscar Club, HEFEI

May, 21st - M1 Club, SHENZHEN.

See you soon)