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DJ MAG has revealed their top100djs results and What do we have this year?

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike became number 1, Martin Garrix got position number 2, congratulations to guys, but we must focus on girls.

This year we have 8 female DJs in TOP100DJS list.

On the one hand, we are happy that we have more positions, than the previous year.

On the other hand, we still believe that one day it will be 50/50 per cent girls and boys in the world best DJs ranking.

Let’s talk about what we are exited about?

First thing is that we have two incredible strong new entries Peggy Gou and Charlotte De Witte. 

Second thing is that all female DJs this year much more higher that last year.

We congratulate all girls with a successful year!!!

What do you think about #top100djs2019 Ranking??? Share what you think.