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Dea Magna released a groovy, fresh-sounding Deep House track

Do you love living on the EDGE?

Dea Magna released a new single, called EDGE.

Dea Magna is an electronic music producer, songwriter, and vocalist, born in Belgrade and based in Los Angeles.

"Edge" is a groovy, fresh-sounding Deep House track spiced with a bit of Pop and Hip-Hop flavor.

It has a dreamy vibe and catchy lyrics, but also a powerful message.

This smasher will for sure keep you moving throughout the rest of the summer!

“I wanted to write song about DESIRE. We all use our desires as fuel. Yet, some of them are more dangerous than others. If you are playing with a fire, remember where the EDGE is." said Dea Magna about her new track on which she was both a producer and a vocalist.