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Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano share their Burning Man b2b set on SoundCloud

Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano have shared their intense b2b at Burning Man 2022. It’s about 90 minutes of incredible, unexpected and magical music that you can now listen to on SoundCloud.


Charlotte and Enrico are not only one of the favourite couples in the techno realm but also one of the most talented. If solo they are already extraordinary, together their music reaches a whole new dimension, making their b2b epic. Last year, the pair were challenged by Robot Heart Foundation and Mayan Warrior to play together at Burning Man’s epic LINK night. The theme was appropriate for a pair of lovers to play together, but they were asked for something more. The challenge included Charlotte and Enrico abandoning their usual style and thinking outside the box, stepping out of their comfort zone and giving wings to their creativity. What they offered genuinely was themselves but not in their typical form and the result was a morning that those who were there, including the artists themselves, will never forget.

Matching the set and the vibe the crowd shared, the set started with plenty of groove and melody, just to ensure a very deep immersion in the music. Enrico and Charlotte stripped off the heavy, hammering percussion to explore a more melodic and dreamy universe. It was a bonding voyage that included many tracks of progressive taste and fluttering melodies with fanciful synths such as ‘Timelapse‘ by Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor. Throughout the set you can taste some other pearls of the same spectrum like ‘Breaking Good‘ by Julian Brand & Gero Jansen, ‘Planeta‘ by Ukrainian ARTBAT, ‘Hi & Low‘ by WhoMadeWho (Konstantin Sibold Acid Mix) and the powerful ‘Convoy‘ by Per Hammar. The close of this sonic journey couldn’t be more perfect, to the tune of the anthemic ‘Mars‘ by Dina SummerKalipo and Local Suicide. It’s incredible, and you can hear it entirely here:



H/T We Rave You