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Charlotte de Witte celebrates new ‘Formula EP’ with a historic livestream

On April 29th, 24 hours before the release of her new Formula EP, Belgian techno titan Charlotte de Witte is to headline a historic live stream.

Charlotte makes no secret of her passion for extreme sports and adrenaline. The name of the EP doesn’t leave much to the imagination and immediately takes us back to racing and Formula 1®, a sport adored by Belgians. Speed, adrenaline, numbing sounds, vibration, emotion. These are the common ingredients between motorsport and this new music by the talented Charlotte de Witte.

'New Form' IV: Formula is presented by Formula 1®, Beatport and KNTXT at the world-famous track owned by Ferrari, the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello in Tuscany, Italy.

Livestream on Facebook, YouTube & Twitch.