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CCL made a podcast for DISCWOMAN

CCL made a podcast for DISCWOMAN.

DISCWOMAN was Founded by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson and Christine McCharen-Tran, Discwoman is a New York-based platform, collective, and booking agency—that showcases and represents talent in electronic music. Started as a two-day festival in September 2014 at Bossa Nova Civic Club Discwoman has since produced and curated events in 20+ cities—working with over 200 DJs and producers to-date.

"I’ve started to embrace some of the things I felt were problems to me earlier on in my DJ life, lately—e.g. how messy, non-linear and confusing my DJ “flow” is, often times things end up sounding like a messy emotional soup. This is no different. I’ve been feeling pretty contemplative lately, it’s funny how the ending of an arbitrary amount of time will do this to you. This year marks a decade of me being involved in electronic music and more than half a decade that I’ve been working in social work. I’ve changed a lot over this time period but a few things have remained constant. Both in my work (talking to people who are suicidal) and in myself, one of my biggest takeaways this decade is human being’s remarkable capacity to heal themselves. Music was a huge part of this process for me, so I wanted to put together a mix that reflects this. The mix contains a lot of tracks that remind me of specific times, feelings and people this past 10 years. As Russell EL Butler says, “I play healing music because I need to be healed”." - @ccl-tuf

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