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Businesswoman and queen of nightlife CATHY GUETTA launches “Djaayz” her new DJ booking application in Spain


When the pandemic closed the doors of clubs, Cathy Guetta and Raphaël Aflalo saw the need to make it easier for everyone to access the DJ market. This is how Djaayzwas born, a free platform with an app and website format now available in Spain on the App Store and Google Play that allows you to easily hire DJs for bars, events and private and company parties, and which has already reached 6,000 registered DJ profiles.

Guetta, pioneering woman in the world of music and clubbing, recognized for the creation of the brand 'F*** Me I'm' Famous', tells us in this interview all the details of the new “DJ Cabify”.

Since 2022, Djaayz is available in the United Kingdom and France, countries in which it already has more than 1,500 reservations. Check out the full interview.


How was Djaayz born ?

Djaayz's story was created in the midst of the pandemic. While I was in Ibiza, where I used to organize weekly parties, COVID-19 transformed everything, the music and clubbing industry was put on hold. That's when Raphaël and I created the Djaayz platform. It was difficult for me to be out of work, it's something I had never experienced. As restrictions eased, I attended apartment parties where I noticed people cared about the food, drink, theme and decor, but not the music. However, the key to a fantastic party is fantastic music.


Raphaël Aflalo - credit @sandrinegomez


What was the biggest challenge during the development of Djaayz ?

From the beginning, we understood that the challenge was not only connecting DJs with users, but also ensuring a smooth and safe experience. Establishing an efficient and secure payment system was a great challenge. Likewise, we wanted the application to be accessible and intuitive for everyone, which required meticulous design and exhaustive testing.



How does the platform work?

The platform is fast and intuitive, guiding the user through questions and parameters to find the most suitable DJs for each event, immediately offering them a wide selection of talents to choose from.

Djaayz offers two possibilities. A classic search, where customers can filter by city, budget and music style, and get immediate search results. Or, clients can send their requirements to Djaayz, which sends them a selection of the best profiles.

Anyone can use Djaayz, from individuals to throw a party at home, to restaurants, shops, fairs and, of course, pubs or clubs.

In addition, DJs themselves can keep their profiles updated by adding photos, playlists, ratings and customer comments.


What do you think is the current situation of women in the music industry?

Things are changing little by little and women are becoming more represented. The perception of DJs has also evolved significantly. Before, they were people in charge of playing music at clubs or festivals, but since the appearance of figures like David Guetta, they have become true stars.

Now they produce their own music, which plays on the radio, appears on television and their video clips are nominated for Grammy Awards. They have built their own personal brand.

Our goal is not only to connect DJs with the public, but also to cultivate and train the next generation of musical talent.


Cathy Guetta I credit @sandrinegomez

Cathy Guetta - credit @sandrinegomez


Cathy, what should a good DJ have?

A talented DJ doesn't just play music; it builds an atmosphere, tells a story and connects with its audience. Djaayz not only provides opportunities to experienced DJs, but is also a platform for new talents. We seek to democratize access to high-quality music and offer an exceptional experience, whether at an intimate family gathering or a large celebration.


Do you have other projects that we can know about?

We have just launched DJ courses for our clients. We have just launched this new service for those who want to learn the art of DJ mixing.

Likewise, we are exploring new technologies to enhance the user experience. From Augmented Reality to the integration of Artificial Intelligence, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our platform.


The app can be downloaded now via the Apple app store and Google Play. DJs based in the UK and France can also register for the service here.



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