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BRAND NEW: Release & DJ Promo Service

PYRO Music has collaborated with Groove Dynasty helping promo new releases in China! Today we decided to share with you ar acticle written by Spencer Tarring - CEO & Founder of PYRO音乐. DJ and producer, lover of electronic music. Based in Shanghai, China, with 18 years experience as a DJ and music professional. Working extremely hard right now! 

After 2 years of developing our products and services in the electronic music industry in China, GD finally launches its release promo service, tailored specifically to help get exposure for electronic music and DJs in the ever increasingly important Chinese market. Prices start from $300 USD per release, and we have a special package for labels looking to promo tracks on a monthly basis.

Our service is based around a number of key strategies and assets:

  •  PYRO Private Links & Monetised Downloads
  •  Access to 20,000+ China DJs through Wechat
  •  Radio Plugging to HIT FM, China’s No.1 Radio Station
  •  Placements on key DSP’s such as Netease, PYRO & QQ Music
  •  Build your socials and following with our Social Media Service

Monetise the downloads with PYRO

Our revolutionary new service allows the promo release to be MONETISED through PYRO’s platform. DJ’s subscribe on a monthly paid service, meaning they pay a fixed fee for unlimited downloads and labels get paid out from a royalty pool according to % of downloads. The downloads for promo’s count towards your % meaning a great promo campaign is not only amazing for getting the DJs the music early (in effect free for them to download), but you also GET PAID on your campaign.

Hit FM

China’s largest and No.1 Radio Station, which focuses heavily on Dance & EDM, is working with us to curate music for its electronic music shows. We help to recommend and deliver key songs, both pre and post release, and get great slots for maximum exposure. Hit FM has over 35 million listeners every single day.


If you’ve not heard of or tried Wechat, you should download it now from the App Store. It’s the mega app in China that we use for everything. We’ve been working hard on building our Wechat channels, and have a huge network of DJs now through PYRO and Wechat combined, meaning we can quickly and effectively deliver promo’s to the right DJs, both AAA and mass deliveries. Subscribe to our PYRODJ channel by scanning the code below, and see the kind of content we deliver.

So far we have just starting working with some of our key clients, but we are looking to expand the service quickly over the next 12 months. As the electronic music industry quickly expands here in China, we see a real demand for this kind of service, from both International labels & DJs looking to enter the market, and local talent who want to get their music heard. For more information, please email us and we’ll help you put together a custom package to promo your release here in China.