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Barcelona is closing indoor nightclubs

In connection with the introduction of new restrictions, Barcelona is closing indoor nightclubs due to new cases of coronavirus in Spain in June.

One of the hardest hit regions is Barcelona, ​​where there is a spike in cases among young people aged 20-29.

Barcelona decided to take action by introducing new measures, including the closure of indoor nightclubs.

However, outdoor activities will still be open until 3am.

If the closed clubs have a terrace, then they can only open the terrace.

In addition, those outdoor events that do not practice social distance and gather more than 500 people will have to request a negative PCR result, an antigen test, confirmation of overcoming the virus in the previous 6 months, or a complete vaccination from their participants.

What is more, service personnel will have to wear a mask. All these measures will initially be calculated for 15 days, starting on July 9th.