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Alison Wonderland’s new radio show

Alison Wonderland has kicked off her new radio show by interviewing none other than dance don Skrillex.

The new show, called Radio Wonderland, sees the Aussie producer take over North American station SiriusXM every Monday night to spin her favourite tracks and call on industry friends for a chat in an interview section dubbed ‘808s And Mates’.

The show made its global debut last Monday, and Wonderland brought in her pal Skrillex to discuss everything from his favourite dinosaurs (Sonny likes the velociraptor) to the songs that get the producer out of bed in the morning (‘Blitzkreig Bop’ by the Ramones, Metallica’s ‘Master Puppets’, Rick Ross’ ‘Rich Is Gangster’ – or anything off Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3).

He even delved into the meaning of the ‘C’ word in Australia: “The thing about the ‘C’ word in Australia is that it’s kind of a compliment,” Skrillex explains to the audience. “Am I allowed to say it on here? Alright guys, I’m gonna say it in an Australian accent so it doesn’t count. You fucking sick cunt!”

The whole episode is now up on iTunes for you to enjoy, with every show added straight after it airs in the States.