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Akua's special mix and interview for Groove Magazine

Emerging from Brooklyn’s vanguard of boundary pushing artists, Akua has proved she's not afraid to redefine techno on her own terms.

The Ghanaian-American DJ has cultivated a sound that reflects her passion for research and recontextualization, as she infuses old-school tracks and techniques with a vision for the dancefloors of the future.

Akua channels a dynamic approach to the craft that fuses a sense of playful confrontation and high octane rhythm-shifting, giving her sets a sense of conceptual rigor and undeniable energy.

Pulling from a deep appreciation of the more freakish strains of techno from the past, her style reflects a tireless study of the medium and a reinvention of its frameworks through modern means.

Her finesse for blending machine funk frequencies possesses distinct toughness and a trademark trippiness, creating a space where simple distinctions and genre boundaries disintegrate.

As Akua traverses through acid drenched basslines, frenetic percussions, and distorted synths, her sets leave listeners with a fierce compulsion to move as they lose and find themselves again inside the torrent of sonics she weaves.

Akua prepared a special mix for Groove Magazine and we could not miss the chance to add it to our mixes collection. 

Enjoy it below and find a little interview with a DJ.

Photo by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.

Interesting interview & the tracklist can be found here: